Monday, January 5, 2009

Native Mage

This is a card from the latest WARLORD CCG expansion set, "Shattered Empires."

The elves in this game are EVIL and use bone and things that are dead for armor. I was going to have a blast with this one, because I love working with skeletons, and absolutely love fish. Warlord is also a commission where I get to "play the villain", and I do so love to act.

The above illustration was executed in Chromacolour liquid Vinyl Chromacolour International and Sakura .005 Pigma Micron pen on 140lb Arches watercolor paper. 9"x7"

Check out the rest of the Game and buy the cards at :


If you like great fantasy artwork and a quick 2hr. card game, you'll have fun with Warlord.

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B.Perkins said...

This looks excellent Llyn.
I used to play a video game where the main character wore similar armour.