Friday, January 2, 2009

A Little Book of Magical Beings

This is the cover to my Little Book of Magical Beings. It is a miniature encyclopedia of magical humanoids from across the world and time. In this next year I will be posting pages and individual illustrations from this book, A Little Book of Monsters and the book I am currently working on, A Little Book of Sea Monsters. If you get some pocket change buy a few from me or let your friends who like mythology know about it. You will be donating to the "Keep Llyn Publishing Fund" and getting really cool books in exchange.

Just as an added note, the designing, writing, and illustration are all mine, and the first 1000 are signed and numbered.

From: A Little Book of Monsters

5"X6" Hard Bound
32 pages Full Color
$7.95 single copy
$4.00ea for five or more
Free shipping inside USA

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