Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Booth after set-up SDCC 08

This is my second San Diego Comic-con, and I still don't have things quite right. The good news is that I brought just enough stock this time. Last year I brought way too much. I sold about 250 books and 30 prints along with misc. other procucts. I broke even, made a lot of new connections and friends, and had repete customers!!! for me it was a fantastic Convention

Booth Left side SDCC 08

Bundled discounts, Folding Poems, free postcards, buttons,
"The Madness and King George", "Rosemond", "Punnies". and Prints framed and Unframed. Lots of stuff in all price ranges.

Right Side of Booth SDCC

My "Llitle Book of Monsters" and "Little Book of Magical Beings". prints, "Rosemond", and "Punnies". Free candy and bookmarks to draw the crowd - both are always hits. I get a kick out of how people take delight in such simple things. the response to the free stuff is almost worth the price of the booth.