Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wide - IF

Wide - IF, originally uploaded by Llyn Hunter, Bobcat Publishing.


First in my head
When I hear the word,"wide,"
Are the big bodied beasts
That live in the tide.
On the Pacific Coast beaches
As Monarchs they rule.
To bother or tease them
Is the act of a fool.

Literally the first thing that came into my head when I read this weeks word assignment. I've been doing the weekly illustration 4"x6", but had to do this one 9"x12" to give the little polver justistice, and get my relative size relationship in there.

Canson 140 lb, watercolor, pen, 9"x12"

If you would care to own the piece, click here

Friday, May 16, 2008

Electricity - IF

This Illustration was done for last week's Illustration Friday Group on Flickr. The weekly one word assignments are so fun to do.


Don’t touch that,
You’ll get a shock.
Don’t touch that,
You’ll get a shock.
Don’t touch that,
You’ll get a shock.

I told you not to touch that.

4"x6" Kilimanjaro 140lb. cold press, liquid acrylic, pen

If for some reason you'd like to own it click here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cream in Your Coffee

Cream in Your Coffee, originally uploaded by Llyn Hunter, Bobcat Publishing.

When I am doing story boards for TV animation, I always like to have a watercolor painting going on the side to help me change perspective while I'm working. I've opened an etsy store page here if you wold like to have this one you can get it for $15.00, what a print usually costs. Long nights and lots of caffeine create funny things in the foam.

Too much coffee and too much caffeine
Will keep you awake so that you can't dream.
And one day you look down to find in the steam,
A tweak in perspective there in the cream.

Kilimanjaro 140 lb. cold press, watercolor, pen 4"X6"

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ice Cream People

Chromacolor acrylic on special printed post card (the
cone base). 4"x6"

Okay, this is Brandon Reese's fault:
Mister Reese
he posted his ice cream person, and I had to do one too. This is his:
Merv, the soft serve perv.
Chris Goodwin did a great one too:
Ice Cream Sally
So join us in the crazyness and do one for Brian Butler:
Ice Cream People Call for Submissions

Happy Ice Cream People

Happy Ice Cream People
Seemingly benign
With sunny smiling faces
Assuring all is fine;

Inviting you to join them
In a fun time tasty treat
Giving joy and pleasure
To everyone they meet.

Come and fill your tummy
With their sweet and creamy joy,
Exciting and inviting
for every girl and boy.

But be careful of their sweetness,
They're not always kind as that,
Their secret true ambition
is to make you round and fat.