Monday, January 5, 2009

Native Mage

This is a card from the latest WARLORD CCG expansion set, "Shattered Empires."

When I get a Card like this this exact description I get:

Native Mage
Elf. Female. Wizard.
We see a female Elf wizard on a coast. Other than the traditional elves, this one looks like she came out of the water, with her „clothes“ being adorned with shells and other maritime accessories. The ridges and bones theme remains, but the bones are now from whale and other ... things from the deep.

I as a beginning sketch I usually do a quick sketch on 8.5"x 11" Hammermill color xerox paper (I like drawing on it's ultra smooth surface) then do the detailed under drawing directly on 140 lb Arches watercolor paper. I added the waves in the background as a Photoshop enhancement to give the art director an idea of what I was planning to do with the background.

Check out the rest of the Game and buy the cards at :


If you like great fantasy artwork and a quick 2hr. card game, you'll have fun with Warlord.

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