Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Piper's tune - holiday card

A Piper's tune - holiday card

A Piper's Tune

Come and make some music,
Come and join the dance,
Set aside your daily toil,
And leave the rest to chance.

Life's too short a journey
To waste the hours away.
Leave behind your worry
And take some time to play.

Arches 150lb. Cold press 9" x 12" Rembrant watercolor, ball point pen

10hr piece - 6hr painting

My annual holiday card. I always alternate a boy or a girl of a specific traditional culture - this year Greece - charming a dragon - a hydra - with a traditional musical instrument - pan pipes.

To my friends and followers, I'm so sorry it's been so long since I posted, It's been an intense year. The Animalphabet is done and I will be uploading the rest gradually over the next few weeks. I am also starting and insectabet for my new cousin Tatum, and am starting an endangered animal collection for Cynthia, so if you do like to stop around, I will be posting more regularly from now on.

Happy Holidays! - Llyn

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Chaminda said...

Nice cards! I wish I could draw like this!!